Business Process Modeling for BPM with ActiveModeler Avantage

1. Course Description

A practical hands-on course where you will actually do business process modeling, guided by an expert.

  • Learn what is BPM
  • Learn about BPM standards
  • Learn why processing modeling is so important
  • Use a leading Business Process Modeling tool with case studies
  • Learn about current standards, trends and interoperability
  • Get to keep the Modeling tool (ActiveModeler Avantage)


2. What the Seminar Will Help Attendees Achieve

  • The ability to start immediately to document and analyze processes
  • Process excellence in the organization
  • A Business Process Management strategy

3. What Attendees Will Gain at the Seminar

  • How to visualize processes in your organization
  • How to model your business using BPMN and Avantage
  • The BPMN methodology
  • How to measure process costs
  • How to identify resource consuming activities
  • How to achieve business process excellence
  • How to automate processes

4. Who Should Attend

  • Business staff involved with processes
  • Business and IT Consultants
  • IT Directors, CIO, IT/MIS Managers
  • System Analysts
  • Workflow engineers
  • Operational supervisors
  • Senior IT and business staff involved in IT

5. Course Content

1. Introduction to BPM

  • What is it and the big picture
  • How does process modeling fit in?

2. Process Modeling

  • Why process modeling is so important
  • Interoperability and the benefits of standards

3. Introduction to the ActiveModeler Avantage architecture

  • The plug-ins available

4. Introduction to BPMN

5. The Core BPD Element Set (hands-on with case studies)

6. The Complete BPD Element Set (hands-on with case studies)

7. Process Analysis with Avantage (hands-on with case studies)

  • Organization Structure
  • How to measure process costs
  • How to identify resource consuming activities with Category Analysis
  • Capturing documentation
  • SOX Analysis
  • How to automate processes

8. How to go back and use Avantage in your company - discussion